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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13

If you are on the verge of losing your home, whether you own it with a mortgage or are renting it, and have gotten behind on payments, Bankruptcy can prevent your landlord from evicting you and can prevent the bank from foreclosing on your home. It can also avoid your automobile from being repossessed as well as permanently extinguish your unsecured debts.

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For regular individuals there are two types of Bankruptcy relief available, Chapter 7 or 13. Generally the preference is towards Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as this form of relief results in permanent discharge of unsecured debts, whereas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is more of a reorganization of your debt into a three or five year payment plan. Persons above a certain monthly income cannot qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless they can pass what’s called a “means test”.

Bankruptcy is available to protect any person or business regardless of income or assets. If you are considering seeking Bankruptcy relief, contact my office immediately for a free consultation to find out if a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 better suits your circumstances.

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